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Non-Fiction Books

Contact with Alien Civilizations: Our Hopes and Fears About Encountering Extraterrestrials, New York, Copernicus (Springer), 2007.

Reaching for the High Frontier: The American Pro-Space Movement, 1972-1984.  New York, Praeger, 1986.


Monsters, Kindle Direct Publishing, 2020.

Eastern Wind, Create Space Independent Publishing, 2018.


Articles and Papers on the Scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

"Preparing for an Expected Paradigm Break," in Steven J. Dick, editor, The Impact of Discovering Life Beyond Earth, Cambridge University Press, 2015, 285-298.

“Seeking Contact: Issues to Consider,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 67 (January 2014), 24-26.

“Seeking Contact: The Relevance of Human History,” in Douglas A. Vakoch, editor, Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Albany, NY, State University of New York Press, 2011, 307-317.

“Broadening and Simplifying the First SETI Protocol,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 58 (January-February 2005), 40-42.

“Ten Decisions that Could Shake the World,” Space Policy, Volume 19 (May 2003), 131-136.

“If Contact Occurs, Who Speaks for Earth?”  Foreign Service Journal, Volume 78 (April 2001), 23-27.

“Policy Issues in Communicating with ETI,” Space Policy, Volume 14 (August 1998), 173-178.

“Challenge, Response, and SETI,” Acta Astronautica, Volume 42 (1998), 681-683.

“Response Policy,” Bioastronomy News, Volume 10 (First Quarter 1998), 173-178.

“Organizing Ourselves for Contact,” Analog, January 1998, 51-63.

“SETI and Diplomacy,” in G. Seth Shostak, editor, Progress in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Volume 74, San Francisco, 1995, 551-554.

“An International Agreement Concerning the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence,” Acta Astronautica, Volume 26 (March/April 1992), 291-294.

“A Reply from Earth?” (with John Billingham and Jill Tarter).  Acta Astronautica, Volume 26 (March/April 1992), 295-297.

“A Unique Moment in Human History,” in Ben Bova and Byron Preiss, editors, First Contact: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, New York, NAL Books, 1990, 243-261.  Republished in a revised edition under the title Are We Alone in the Cosmos?  New York, IBooks, 1999, 265-284.

“Interstellar Diplomacy,” Ad Astra, Volume 1 (September 1989), 22.

“Detection of ETI – An International Agreement,” Space Policy, Volume 5 (May 1989), 103-106.

“Why We Should Look Outward,” The Washington Post, April 4, 1982, C7.

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“The Final Question: Paradigms for Intelligent Life in the Universe,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 35 (March 1982), 131-134.

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“The Cosmic Secret,” Second Look, Volume 2 (January-February 1980), 4-9.

“Improving the Prospects for Life in the Universe,” in William A. Gale, editor, Life in the Universe: The Ultimate Limits to Growth, Boulder, Colorado, Westview Press, 1979, 107-117.

“Scientists Renew Search for Extraterrestrial Life,” Future Life, Number 14 (November 1979), 15.

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“Star Empires,” Future Life, Number 13 (September 1979), 39-40.

“Four-Dimensional Strategy,” in Jerry Grey and Christine Krop, editors, Space Manufacturing Facilities 3: Proceedings of the Fourth Princeton/AIAA Conference, New York, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1979, 49-61.

“Outer Space and Foreign Affairs,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 56 (June 1979), 10-13, 37-39.

“SETI Hearings in Washington,” Cosmic Search, Volume 1 (Summer 1979), 28-30.

“SETI Hearings in Washington,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 32 (March 1979), 116-118.

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“Extraterrestrial Politics,” Cosmic Search, Volume 1 (Summer 1979), 11-14.

“The Consequences of Contact,” AIAA Student Journal, Volume 15 (Winter 1977-1978), 18-23.

“There’s Somebody Out There We’re Going to Have to Deal With,” Los Angeles Times, May 27, 1973, Part VI, 3, 6.

“Negotiating with Other Worlds,” The Futurist, Volume VII (April 1973), 71-77. Republished in Edward Cornish, editor, The Great Transformation: Alternative Futures for Global Society, Bethesda, Maryland, World Future Society, 1973, 108-114.

“Interstellar Negotiation,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 49 (December 1972), 10-14, 29-30.


Articles and Papers on Space Exploration

“Long-Term Perspectives on Interstellar Flight,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 67 (May 2014), 207-211.

“A Manifesto for Expansion,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 43  (1990), 559-560.

“Let's Go to Mars - With Our Friends and Allies,” The Case for Mars III: Strategies for Exploration - General Interest and Overview, San Diego, Univelt (for the American Astronautical Society), 1989, 109-121.

“Macro-Projects in Space: The Prospects for International Cooperation in the 1990s,”in Space Manufacturing 7: Space Resources to Improve Life on Earth, Washington, D.C., American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1989, 109-121.

“Planetary Partners: What's Really Involved in an International Mission?” Ad Astra, Volume 1 (March 1989), 24-28.

“Cooperation in Space: The Real World” Sky and Telescope, Volume 77  (January 1989), 4.

“Space Policy at the State Department” Space Times, Volume 27  (September-October 1988), 5-7.

“U.S. Intertional Space Cooperation,” Department of State Bulletin, Volume 88  (March 1988), 79-80.

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“The Beginnings of the New Space Movement,” L-5 News, Volume 10 (June 1985), 7-9.

“The New Demographics of Space,” Aviation/Space, Volume 2 (Fall 1984), 46-47.

“Sharing the Grand Strategy,” Space World, Volume U-8-248 (August 1984), 4-9.

“Towards a Grand Strategy for the Species,” Earth-Oriented Applications of Space Technology, Volume 2 (1982), 213-219. Reprinted in Astro Search, Volume 1 (November-December 1983), 4-8.

“Business in Orbit,” Vision, Volume 2 (1982), 213-219.

“Lifeboats,” Insight, Volume 5 (July-August 1981), 6.

“Farside,” Future Life, Number 18 (May 1980), 31.

“Return to the Moon,” (with Leonard David), Astronomy, Volume 8 (April 1980), 6-22.

“U.S. Meetings Discuss Space Manufacturing and Life in the Universe,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 33 (January 1980), 35.

“The Anti-Satellite Program: A Threat to Space Humanization?” The Space Humanization Series, Volume 1 (May 1979), 81-100.

“War in Space?” (as Stella Morris), Future Life, Number 10 (May 1979), 22-24, 65.

“Solar Power Satellite Group Calls for Support,” Future Life, Number 9 (March 1979), 11.

“An Extraterrestrial Ethos,” America, Volume 139 (November 11, 1978), 330-331.

“Britishers Plot Robot Starship,” Future, Number 6 (November 1978), 10.

“Who Owns the Moon?” Future, Number 6 (November 1978), 15.

“U.S. Symposium Discusses Space Colonization, Prospects for Life in the Universe,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 31 (September 1978), 351.

“The Militarization of Space” (as Daedalus), Insight, Volume 3 (September 1978), 4-5.

“A Puzzle,” Insight, Volume 3 (July/August 1978), 6.

“Lunar Purchase,” Newsletter of the National Space Institute, Volume 3 (March 1978), 3.

“Spaceflight, Colonization, and Independence: A Synthesis,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 30 (March 1977), 83-95 (Part One); Volume 30 (June 1977), 203-212 (Part Two), Volume 30 (September 1977), 323-331 (Part Three).

“Spaceflight and Immortality,” Life Extension Magazine, Volume 1 (July-August 1977), 69-73.

“The Consequences of Extraterrestrial Colonization,” L-5 News, Volume 2 (February 1977), 4-6.

“Two Tracks to New Worlds,” Spaceflight, Volume 18 (January 1976), 2-6, 40. Republished in Thesis/Antithesis, Los Angeles, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics/World Future Society, 1975, 131-141.

“Escaping the Limits to Growth,” Spaceflight, Volume 17 (April 1975), 122-123.

“After Apollo,” Spaceflight, Volume 15 (October 1973), 362-367.


Other Articles

“Talking to Mr. Syplogoo,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 63 (September 1986), 26-30.

“Astronomy at Armagh,” Sky and Telescope, Volume 65 (January 1983), 17-19.

“Is it Time for a Principal Officer’s Course?” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 59 (June 1982), 19.

“Caveat Transferee,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 58 (December 1981), 22.

“The Desert Road,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 58 (March 1981), 42-43.

“Confessions of a Glopee,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 54 (March 1977), 5-7.

“The Right Hand: An Appreciation of USIS,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 50 (July 1973), 13-15, 26.

“Are You Plugged In?” Solus, Volume 7 (September 1971), 2-3.

“Communication and Controversy: The Future of Foreign Service Reporting,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 46 (October 1969), 22-24, 33-35.

“Traveling with the Bakhtiari,” Department of State News Letter, Number 97 (May 1969), 28-29.


Articles in Open Forum Magazine (a classified publication of the Department of State

“Three-Dimensional Strategy: Managing the Coming Superpower Confrontation in Space,” September 1981.

“Defining National Security in an Age of Interdependence: A Policy for the 1980s” (with Gerhard Mally and William Veale), Spring 1978.

“War in Space: What Prospects for Arms Control,” August, 1977.

“Dealing with the Third World,” August 1975.

“After the Oil Crisis,” February 1975.

“Arms in the Gulf,” May 1974.

Book Reviews

“A Spacefaring Nation,” Space Policy, Volume 8 (May 1992), 176.

“The Anatomy of Power,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 61 (January 1984), 14.

“The History of Manned Spaceflight,” Sky and Telescope, Volume 66 (July 1983), 30-31.

“The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Space Technology,” Sky and Telescope, Volume 63 (May 1982), 476-477.

“Disturbing the Universe,” Sky and Telescope, Volume 60 (August 1980), 139-140.

“Sinai,” Foreign Service Journal, Volume 57 (March 1980), 33.

“Enterprise, Shuttle, and Space Shuttle,” Sky and Telescope, Volume 59 (February 1980), 150-153.

“Project Daedalus and the Road to the Stars,” Sky and Telescope, Volume 57 (May 1979), 471-473.

“SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence,” Spaceflight, Volume 20 (May 1978), 193-194.

“SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence,” The Journal of Aerospace Education, Volume 5 (February 1978), 29.

“Making SETI Respectable,” review of SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Newsletter of the National Space Institute, Volume 3 (January-February 1978), 8.

“The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space,” Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Volume 30 (September 1977), 359-360.

“On Communicating with Aliens” (book essay on five works about SETI), Foreign Service Journal, Volume 51 (June 1974), 33-34, 40.

Restaurant Guides

“Dining in Tokyo,” American Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, July 1995.

“The Michaud Guide to Good Eating in Ulster,” 24 page insert in Northern Ireland: Let’s Eat Out 1984, Belfast, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, 1984.

Short Stories

“Repast” (as Alan Michaels), Foreign Service Journal, Volume 55 (April 1978), 4.

“The Greek Wars” (as Tarixshenas), Foreign Service Journal, Volume 45 (June 1968), 39-40.


Social Implications of Detecting an Extraterrestrial Intelligence: A Report of the Workshops on the Cultural Aspects of SETI, co-edited with John Billingham, Roger Heyns, David Milne, Stephen Doyle, Michael Klein, John Heilbron, Michael Ashkenazi, and Julie Lutz, Mountain View, California, SETI Institute, 1994.

“SETI Post Detection Protocol,” Co-edited with J.C. Tarter, Special Issue of Acta Astronautica, Volume 21 (February 1990).

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